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Hogshead Brewery is hiring a full time assistant brewer to operate our 10 bbl system and maintain our cellar. We look forward to hiring an experienced, detail oriented production brewer that will support efficient production of existing high quality and industry respected recipes. This hire should look forward to becoming Head Brewer as a future aspiration.. We have a stellar track record of educating assistant brewers and increasing their respective standing among the brewing community. This is a position that has been held by Gold Medal winning brewers. We hope to hire another individual ready to learn, create and perform. 

Our person: 

  • Our person must have experience in brewing, cellaring, and understanding the fundamental principles of brewing as well as cask conditioning.

  • Our person can handle working in a productive environment and still maintain attention to detail and efficiency as well as safety.

  • Our person  can work smart, multitask, and understand time efficiency and create systems to increase productivity.

  • Our person can follow, improve, and create new processes that  focus on efficiently brewing quality beer and expanding production volumes.

  • Our person can work independently and communicate effectively and efficiently with our team.

  • Our person understands the principles of milling, mashing, raw materials, fermentation, filtration, carbonation, sanitation, cask conditioning and cellar work.


  • Communicate and take direction from Head Brewer

  • Communicate and take direction from General Manager

  • Co Brew 1-2 batches/week (15BBLs/week) with Head Brewer assistance

  • Create brewing schedule in conjunction with General Manage in accord with need

  • Monitor fermentation, dry hops and other cellar duties

  • Tap, vent, fine vessels in secondary fermentation as needed for front of house service.

  • Harvest, sample and pitch yeast

  • CIP and sanitize all vessels and infrastructure as needed

  • Perform routine maintenance activities throughout brewing department

  • Maintain a clean and organized working environment

  • Update brew logs regularly

  • Maintain beer inventory monthly. 

  • Perform excise tax in conjunction with inventory

  • Maintain and record inventory of raw materials

  • Perform Lab Sampling Duties & QA follow up

  • Assist front of house operations as needed


  • Minimum of 2 years of professional brewing and cellaring experience.

  • Formal brewing education preferred

  • Able to frequently lift heavy materials (minimum 70 lb.) and full ½ BBL vessels as well as rolling and lifting Firkins and Kilderkins

  • Able to walk up ladders over 12 feet high

  • Able to work in high heat and moisture environments as well as freezing outdoor temperatures.

  • A need to want to increase production and quality simultaneously

  • A willingness to work across entire demands of a small business and be flexible with schedule and job description

Supplemental Compensation Possibilities:

  • Outside sales commissions

  • Front of house "aletending" Hours


Compensation will be discussed and determined by applicants history, education and experience. We will be competitive and respectful. 


Application cover letter and resume should be sent to David@Hogshead54.com.  



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