Hogshead Olympics 2020

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo are postponed till next year but we can still have our own Olympics at Hogshead.

54 Events. 17 Days. Bragging Rights and Cask Ale.
$5 to participate, 100% will go to the staff.

Be the FIRST to complete ALL 54 EVENTS and win a Firkin for you and 9 of your friends plus a $200 Gift Card

Gold: Complete All Events Win $30 Gift Card and 20 oz Proper Pint

Silver: Complete Minimum 43 Events Win $20 Gift Card and 20 oz Proper Pint

Bronze: Complete Minimum 32 Events Win $10 GIft Card and 20 oz Proper Pint

Leader Board will be updated on the website through out.

Get After It!

Leader Board

Competitor                                     Events Completed

1. Jaymee P                                   54 Winner!

1. Anthony H                                  54 

3.Bryan W                                      53

4.Kristin Z                                      40

5. Ann F                                          32

6. Matt D                                         27

7. Justin J.                                      24

8. Ian S                                          21

9. Robin D. J.                                  20

10 Troy F                                         18

11. Arne S                                         17

12. Aaron H                                     15

13.Greg M                                       14  

14.Nick S                                         12

15. Evan H                                       11

16. Steve M                                       7

17.Eric F                                         5

18. Rob W.                                       4

19. Eddie F.                                      0


1-7 Drink a Proper Pint out of every Beer Engine. 1 through 7

8. Drink a 20 oz Proper Pint of Nitro Stout

9.high jump: Jump and touch the A/C vent above your head or touch your toes with no knee bend

10. Pay for and Crush a bag of Prawn Cocktail chips

11. Brain Waves Get 3 out of 4 trivia questions correct

12. Hydrate: Pull yourself a water

13. Newbie: Bring a first timer or buy a first time customer a beer.

14. Impress Do your best celebrity/politician impression

16. Get Creative Draw a picture of David and autograph your drawing. 8.5x11 pieces of paper will be provided. One attempt only.. These will be posted. 

17-18. Go for Gold Drink a Mother in law and a Black top back to back on one tab in one sitting

19. Hit it out of the park. Make it your whole visit without the staff reminding you to put on your mask on.

20. GOOAAALL! Make a basket in the trash using your receipt from the orange foul line ( 1 attempt per visit)

21. Ahead of the pack  Be one  of the first 10 people in Hogshead any given day

22. Carb Load- Order a pizza, pay for it, eat it or share it. 

23.  Represent Come in decked out in Hogshead Gear, T shirt and Hat. “double logo”

24. Warm Up Bike or Walk to the Brewery

25. Camaraderie Buy a stranger a beer

26-32. Meet the Team- Be Served a Beer by each employee. David, Erin Mike, Robin, Matt, Stephen and Davis

33. Bring Home the Gold- Buy a Crowler

34. Carry the Team- Bring a round of glasses back to the bar

35. Dance yourself to death.  You must “floss” on camera for 7 seconds  

36. Test Run Order a Flight, actually drink it and pay for it.

37. The Trifecta- Order a 7oz, 10oz and a 20oz in one visit

38. Bounce It- Bounce a tennis ball 10 times on a racket 

39. Fencing Win best 2 out of 3 Rock, Paper, Scissors with the bartender as Ref vs another patron.

40. Up Shot Drink a 20oz followed by 5 push ups

41. Lift the Torch Firkin (9gallon) hold at 90* for 30 seconds 

42. Land the Dismount Drink a 20 oz followed by 20 Jumping Jacks

43. Stamina Bring the bartender a coffee from Slohi

44. Off Sides Order a keg beer

45. Amateur Convince someone to buy you a beer.

46. Withstand Drink a beer in the rain

47. Victory Beer Chug any size beer in one touch  

48. Support local- Enjoy take out from one of our local restaurants on the patio

Outside Tasks- Must either be wearing hogshead merch


bring a crowler and have in photo

49. Go Hiking with Hogshead Gear/beer and send us a photo

50. Visit Sloan Lake with Hogshead Gear/crowler send us a photo

51. Participate in a summer leisure sport (golf, corn hole, any backyard game)

52.  Visit Bierstadt and get a pic with Bill or Ashley

53. Order A Hogshead Beer at 29th Avenue Grill, take a photo and send it to us

54. Visit a Denver Landmark with Hogshead gear/crowler and send us a photo



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